Girl holding a white rose
Girl holding a mirror, looking at herself.
Old man standing in a field in the countryside
Blonde girl standing by two tall trees covered in ivy
Pile of logs. Countryside logs in a field
Lady Time I - Girl holding an hourglass - Black and White portrait.
Old woman standing in a field in the countryside
Girl holding a camera, taking a shot at the sky
Man rowing a boat to an island in the Philippines
Girl holding sand in the shape of a heart, on a shore in the Philippines
A red leaf on the sand, near some rocks
Reflections of Beauty: The Dark Side Of Me III - In this work I intend to depict the two sides of the character. Vanity and Beauty on the left, Loneliness, Emptiness, Isolation, Fear of the dark and the of unkown, on the right. The two opposite sides are actually part of a whole, a single personality, yet very unbalanced. The dark side is also conveyed visually by the darker tones, by the clouds and by the fact that the character is sitting in the shadow of the tree. The metaphysical atmosphere of this image was inspired by some pondering on today's trends of exaltation of beauty and aesthetics.
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